Banana Pi on battery power


The Banana Pi is a great alternative to the well-known Raspberry Pi. It is not a clone, nor a knock-off, rather a completely different, open single-board computer of a very similar size and good price. Most important features (compared to Raspi) to me are the 3 UARTs (one for the serial console, two free eg. for a GPS, the Raspi has only one in total) and a power management chip with battery charger.
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B6AC battery charger teardown


I recently got some discarded NiCd batteries from emergency lighting fixtures (5 cells, 7 Ah) and I started looking for a way to check if they might still work. While searching for chargers I found model B6AC that: charges automatically almost any battery chemistry (various lithium, NiCd, NiMH, lead-acid), can discharge batteries in a controlled way, balance li-ion battery cells, can cycle the battery through several charges and discharges, indicates the charge and discharge capacity (and probably some more features I still do not realize).
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NodeMCU networked thermometer

In the last post I made a short introduction on development using the NodeMCU platform with a simple reading of a 1-wire thermometer. This time I will show how to make a basic networked application for the NodeMCU and the server part for a computer to gather some useful data.

The idea is pretty simple: do a temperature conversion, connect to a wireless network, transmit the reading to a server, maybe get back some configuration and start over.
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