Small, cheap power supply modules from Aliexpress


I have recently bought a BananaPi with the intent of making a automotive datalogger. I needed a simple power supply that would work reliably in my car. I found some nice looking modules in “The Thick Electronic” store on Aliexpress.

This shop has many different DC/DC modules that can be used in a car or boat – different voltages, step-up, step-down, larger and smaller power capacity and various connectors. Payment is covered by Alipay (basically you just need a regular Visa card to buy). Shipping takes about two weeks. I picked a small one encased in epoxy with a USB type A and micro USB B connectors (BananaPi uses micro USB B for power).



I used a stabilized 13,5V power supply as the source for the regulator under test, USB A-B cable and an electronic, controlled dummy load. The images were captured from a 150MHz oscilloscope (though cable inductance definitely smoothed out some of the noise).

No load

28mV peak-to-peak switching noise


41mV peak-to-peak switching noise


46mV peak-to-peak switching noise

3A full load

48mV peak-to-peak switching noise, the unit is cool, input current is 1,37A @ 13,5 so the regulator is about 81% efficient.


Definitely worth the price. Nothing fancy but just fine for powering digital gadgets.

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