Practical FFT on microcontrollers using CMSIS DSP

Fourier transform is a vast domain of knowledge with many practical applications within signal processing. Virtually all communications protocols use Fourier transform at one step or another (including LTE, GPS and WiFi). Another popular example are the “jumping bars” in music players showing levels of low and high tones in real time. In this post I show the basics of obtaining spectrum of an audio signal on an EFM32 Cortex-M3 microcontroller. No scary math!
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Bell 202 modem for AVR and other MCUs

Bell 202 is a quite old modem standard that is still used today in amateur radio for data transmission over VHF (Packet Radio and APRS) and industrial automation (HART). It is a very simple FSK modem. The speed is limited to 1200 baud, which makes it very easy to implement on any small microcontroller. My implementation is built on top of sinewave generator code for XMEGA described in a previous post.

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Making sinewaves with XMEGA DAC

The XMEGA is quite a leap from the “classic” AVRs. Some of the interesting features are the DAC and DMA. When combined, they can be used to generate all kinds of useful signals in the audio range.

This example uses the DAC, DMA, timer and event system to generate 1200 Hz and 2200 Hz sinewaves. I’ll show how to make a Bell 202 modem (think: APRS and AX.25) in another post.
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Git – checking JavaScript files for debugger statements

We developers, when working on a common codebase, often step on each other’s toes. Recently, while debugging code of a complex application server I have been hit with JavaScript debugger statements placed by another developer all around, that should not get to the common branch. So what is better than complaining to your colleagues to be more careful every time they commit code? Present them with a Git hook that does the checking for them and solves the problem once and for all 🙂 This hook is an expansion of the previous one.
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