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I have been copied on Aliexpress!

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. A while ago I published a design of a basic coax switch for HF antennas. To my surprise, a fellow ham messaged me that I am "famous" on Aliexpress. 🙂

It turns out my design is available from multiple sellers. Example one, two, three (archive link one, two, three). I don't endorse these sellers in any way, nor am I angry.

All the boards seem to have my branding removed. Is it good? Is it bad? As a European I would definitely keep the attribution of someone's original design, no matter how "open" source it was. On the other hand I am glad that my callsign will not be associated with these sellers and that I will not be getting complaints or support requests for things I do not manufacture nor get paid for.

My intent all along was to design something very cheap and very easy to assemble, even for beginners. As a young ham I remember being frustrated by the lack of such boards, by the high prices of "professional" antenna switches (like Ameritron), and by having to use a manual switch to change the bands.

I am very happy that (also thanks to Aliexpress) amateur radio is becoming more accessible. It is a wonderful hobby and skill set with plenty of practical applications. It took me from basic THT soldering to... more advanced things. 🙂

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