Amateur radio and embedded systems

STM32L151 makefile project

I have published a basic Makefile project for STM32L151 on Github. I plan to develop it into a low-power wireless sensor network using SP1ML modules. The modules contains STM32L151RB MCU with 128K of flash, SPIRIT1 transceiver chip, antenna and passive components. Basically everything needed to make an 868MHz radio network.

spirit1 module pcb

I could not manage to make the official STM32 IDE - Atollic TrueSTUDIO run on a 4k display, so I have decided to go for a simple, roll-your-own Makefile project.

It contains all the basic components to get started:

  • Startup code and linker script from ST
  • STM32L1xx standard peripheral drivers library from ST
  • SEGGER RTT library (debug terminal-over-JTAG)
  • Hard fault handler for easier debugging
  • Makefiles of course